I Am TJ Rosier

Founder of GPW, Personal Development Consultant, Pain Management Specialist & Educator.

Personal Development Consultations

Improve the quality of your life and develop your natural talents to see possibility and joy while living with chronic pain.

Pain Management and Education

When you, or someone you care about is facing serious injury or illness, it’s not the time to face the pain alone. GPW offers pharmaceutical free pain education and management options for individuals and families.

Unlock Your Full Potential. Helping you build your toolbox.

Pain management and education can help you identify areas in your environment that might be contributing to your pain. Together, we can minimize the impact of these unseen barriers to your healing.

Is chronic pain stopping you from working?

Have you lost hope in the medical system?

Are you ready to challenge your limiting beliefs about your current situation and start moving forward on your path to healing and feeling good again?

Need support choosing a course of action to manage your chronic pain?

Personal Development Coaching

Helping you along your path to uncovering ways to build your toolbox, so you can become your own healer.

Pain management icon

Pain Management Consultant

Pain can be debilitating whether you are experiencing it in the short term or long term.

Mindfulness Instruction

 Scientific studies have demonstrated mindfulness practice to benefit a variety of psychological and physical conditions, as well as to have measurable positive effects on the brain.

Guided Meditation

Gentle guidance through creative visualization to help develop coping skills, improve focus, decrease insomnia, diminish feelings of anger, reduce occurrences of negative thinking and increase general feeling of well being.

About GPW

Guided Path Wellness is a collective of skilled and inspired professionals with the common interests and goals

We educate and collaborate with people suffering with chronic pain to build their toolbox so they can live healthy lives joyfully.

Joy & Pain Workshops on Wellness Wednesdays

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